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Fuckface Unstoppable

Bam Margera is a professional skateboarder who is known for his crazy antics on MTV shows "Jackass", "Viva La Bam", "Bam's Unholy Union", and the "Jackass" movies. He has teamed up with CKY members Chad I. Ginsburg, brother Jess Margera, and Matthew "Matty J" Janaitis to make his own music under the name "Fuckface Unstoppable".

Hailing from Milwaukee, WI, 616 was born in 2018 by Singer/Songwriter/Multi Instrumentalist/Visionary/ Matthew Lidwin; to create the perfect Gothic Rock and LoveMetal band. Now in 2021, Matthew has brought in a team of the best and most talented musicians to carry the torch with him; a band of brothers who is now formed.Matthew Lidwin (EdenBoy) - Vocals/Lyrics/guitar/Bass Guitar/Drums/Keys SynthBrady Hearn (Aka Brady Lane) - Drums616 have already worked with artists such as Bam Margera, Gas Lipstick (HIM & FlatEarth). Now after inking a deal with the legandary Cleopatra Records, they are currently in the studio, writing & recording their first full length album, 'Head Over Evil Heels', with producers Eric LaBrosse and Multi-Platinum record producer, John Fryer.The Album is set to be released in spring of 2021, with a tour to follow.

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