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Back & Gacked

"Out of control", would undoubtedly be the best way to describe Gang Green, but a more precise account might be one of the all time fastest hardcore 'rock to the core' bands to ever hit the stage. Born and brewed in Boston, Gang Green has been pushing the limits on every aspect of rock and roll since the dawn of Hardcore approximately 25 years ago. From the beginning front man Chris Doherty has led the party, legend for his success at excess; his ?full tilt, full time? approach to life has been the essence of the band?s music and attitude and has made him an inspiration. Many are surprised to learn his age, still relatively young for someone whose groundbreaking work has contributed so much to punk rock?s history and served as a major influence to the wide spectrum of today?s hard edge bands.

Over the years Doherty has led his band through numerous lineup changes and created music that while becoming more complex remains true to its foundation. The current line up, as Doherty puts it, "the most talented bunch of drunks I've ever put together" is amazing. Live you can count on the band delivering a high-energy performance as they careen through a collection of their favorite songs. Every step of Gang Green's wild path is covered, from "This is Boston Not L.A." to "Another Case Of Brewtality" and everything in between. If you are fortunate enough to see them live they make certain that you don't have to be that "Guy" screaming for "Alcohol" after the finish of every song. Hang on to your drinking mug my friend; you'll definitely hear it, along with all their other beer drinking anthems. So drink up.

Celebrating the band's silver anniversary in 2007, Gang Green still has much to indulge in and offer. They'll start by ringing in the New Year in Texas and during the year the band will tour extensively throughout Europe, Japan and the US. As 2006 comes to a close, the band has begun working on a new studio album, which will be released in the summer of 2007. Doherty promises that it will be the "best fuckin' recording this band has ever done". Working with him in the studio as well as on the road, high school chum and "Jerry's Kids" guitarist Rockin' Bob Cenci as well as committed Boston legends Matt Sandonato on bass and Walter Gustafson (the Freeze, Straw Dogs, Outlets, Mung, etc.) on drums. With their induction in to the "Boston Music Hall of Fame" in 2006 as well as the release of the Sony films documentary "American Hardcore" which features appearances by both Doherty and Cenci, the time has never been better for Gang Green to hit the road. "I can't believe we still have this many fans," said Doherty in a recent interview with "Rolling Stoned" magazine. Doherty also added, "they keep getting younger and crazier as we get older. I can't figure it out. Kids are coming out of the woodwork everywhere we play and they're singing along to all the fuckin' songs." Doherty also mentions the internet phenomenon MySpace.com as another component of their recent resurgence. "MySpace is a great promotional tool for bands but even better for the fans because they can, especially in our case, communicate directly with the band. They let us know what they want to hear us play, if they will be coming to the next show, if they'll be holdin' (laughs), and so on and so forth."

There's "no doubt about it" you "can't live without it" ? GANG GREEN.

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